Piano Tuition

Piano tuition individual

Zino Mancuso (Diploma in Pianoforte – BMus) offers piano tuition individual and music theory tuition which follows the Classical and Jazz graded syllabus of the ABRSM (Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music), or the Trinity College, although examinations are by no means obligatory.

Other services include arrangement and transcription of original composition, recording demo in audio and midi, also individual aural and singing coaching (without piano lessons) e.g., if you require extra support for a graded examination in another instrument, or for a school music exam.


The foundation of my teaching is classically based, formed under the guide of the Maestro Marcello Biondolillo renowned Italian musician and composer. I like to add emphasis on aural awareness and encouragement of the student’s own creativity and composition. Emphasis is placed on fulfilling potential and fun learning, particularly in the early years, whilst adopting a teaching approach tailored to suit the individual.

I also teach the Theory of Music alongside Practical, as it is essential for a musician to understand the theory behind the music they play. I believe this awareness increases the quality of one’s performance and progress of one’s development.  I feel it is important to teach physiology, and so I give instruction on the importance of correct posture and physical discipline. I also teach jazz and improvisation techniques if required. I treat each student as an individual and therefore tailor teaching and lesson plans to their unique needs.

I believe that as a teacher it is my responsibility to ensure that each student fulfils their individual potential, and so I always insist that a student achieves the best they possibly can without causing discouragement. However, I do not stretch a student beyond their capabilities.  I respect every student’s right to in-depth and detailed knowledge, and command respect, punctuality, and effort from each student.  I am always honest in the criticism of a student’s work.

I encourage the students to appreciate the music as form of art and the importance and relevance of music in everyday life. I very much enjoy teaching, and always strive to keep the student interested, inspired, and stimulated, making the experience fun and rewarding.

“I teach children from 5 years upward and adults of any age. Lessons last 45m to an hour, depending on age, level, and personal requirements. Whether you are a complete beginner, have previous experience, would like to take exams, or would just like to learn for personal satisfaction and enjoyment, I will be happy to teach you.”