Classical ? Jazz ?  Blues ?  R&B ?  Pop ?  Rock ?  Latin ?   Yes !

Zino's music is a synthesis of all of the above to form a sound that is truly his own. The Italian born, London based artist has been playing the piano from the time before his legs could even touch the pedals and in his teens he discovered that he had an infinite passion for the instrument and the music in general.

Through his natural musical gifts, Zino has travelled far from his beginnings in Palermo. Before he graduated at the Conservatory of Music in his native town, he had already experienced and embraced many styles of music. He loves play synthesisers with pop/rock band, acoustic piano with jazz ensemble, pipe organ  in churches, and even harpsichord with chamber music ensemble.

He has written music and has arranged pieces for comedy show (cabaret), children’s show, television’s advert, tunes for Jazz-Rock band and Latin band and more recently he has dedicated his creativity composing in his home studio Ambient Music.

Today he performs “main stream jazz” repertoire in London’s notorious hotels and teaches piano privately and in schools.

Recently, he has developed a new project called "Piano Music On Demand", opening a YouTube channel where he performes original piano arrangments of music pieces and songs,  from various repertoires, providing on request the scores of his performances.

If you like to listen some of his original music or performing standards           click here

To see videos of a ”jazz quintet” live concert held during the summer ’06      click here






Pianist and co-ordinator for the National radio RAI Stereo 2, and National Television. During this  period he tooks part in radio talk shows conducted by E.Randisi (international vibes Jazz player); the same summer  he has co-produced a regional children’s competition “Bimbissimo‘90”, sponsorship  by RAI (Italian  national TV Network).


Pianist and Keyboard player, “Viva Brasil Band”, show with dance and music, Sicily (Summer Tour 91/92).


Teacher of music, “Musica Insieme Jazz School”, Palermo, Italy. During these four years he was playing in various jazz ensemble with students and others teachers in periodical performances and recitals


Pianist and jazz band co-ordinator, Film “Mario e il Mago”, (Mario and The Magician) Filmalpha Production. Film directed by Klaus Maria Brandhauer. Recording for “Audio Catalog Jazz Musician in Sicily” Sicilian Jazz Collection Vol.2


Harpsichord player, “Guido d’Arezzo” Chamber Orchestra, Italy. Performing music composed by Vivaldi, Bach,  Haendel, Mozart. Summer and autumn season’s tours.


Arranger, programmer and musician, Recording Studio “Pentagramma”, Italy. Music production of jazz, pop, and classical.


Pianist and musical entertainer, TRM TeleRadio del Mediterraneo (Broadcast Company) Italy. Appearing on a daily afternoon talk show with live music called "Studio 2".


Pianist and composer for the actor Ernesto Maria Ponte and Luigi Maria Burruano, Italy.  Performing in theater cabaret and musicals during three theater seasons’ tours.


Performing in many Hotels and venues in London, (Royal Garden, Landmark, Hilton, Four Seasons, Forum, Harrington  Hall, Rubens, Marriott Conty Hall,  Intercontinental, Palm Beach Casino, Le Meridian "Piccadilly", The  Westbury. The  SunbornYatch Hotel, Renaissance Chancery Court, The Berners, The Ritz).


Teacher of music technology and computer music, Collage Arts (formerly Haringey Arts Council), London.


Teacher of Jazz-Blues and Classical Piano courses at SCOLA (Sutton College Of Learning for Adult) Surrey, UK.


Piano Teacher, Putney Park School, Putney, London.


Piano Teacher at Merton Music Foundation London.


Piano Teacher at St Elphege’s RC Schools, Wallington, London.

Piano Teacher at St Mary's Catholic Infants School, Carshalton, London.


....I like to introduce you some of my favorites music quotes...

" Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent".

Victor Hugo

" Music should strike fire from the heart  of man and bring tears from the eyes of woman"

Ludwig Van Beethoven

"The piano keys are black and white but they sound like a million colors in your mind"

Maria Cristina Mena